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Posted by hrgarippa on 19 May, 2009

I’ve been texting a lot lately. With Bible Study over this is the best way to communicate with my girls. This is also linguistic school for me…my grandfather would be so proud.

Let me give you an example:

Me: Hey, How’s it going?

Girl: idk jus tied

Me: What’s tied mean?

Girl: lke when u wake up u tied

Me: Tired?

Girl: Oh yeah my bad that is how is spell it when I’m textin.

And yet another example:

Girl: can i go wit u guyz since i have nun n 2 do at da house.


So pretty soon I’ll be able to say things like…

AFZ – Acronym Free Zone

BBBG – Bye Bye Be Good

or my personal favorite….MTSBWY – May the Schwartz be with you.

I’ve just learned that in the world of text linguistics you don’t communicate with words you communicate with acronyms…if you’d like a good laugh check this page out. But beware there is some bad language on it.


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The fight, explained

Posted by hrgarippa on 20 October, 2008

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was stuck in the middle of a fight last week…here’s the story.

Friday the great DISD gave the kids an early release day, which means in this neighborhood they are going to be up to whole lot of nothing. I needed to speak to several kids so it was the perfect opportunity for me to get in touch with them while they were milling about or sitting in front of the tube. As I was I driving through one of the housing projects I came to a “T” in the road I could go left or right, I turned left and noticed a large group of about 30-40 people standing around and one young man with his pants hiked up to his chest…you know so he could move around and could use both hands. He was jumping around yelling this and that, and about 10 feet away another young man, his granny or mom trying to hold him back was yelling back. He broke loose and went after the other young man and they moved toward my car…as did the swarm of people…at this point me and my car were either going to become the boxing ring or I needed to back out fast.

The young men…started punching. And everyone just stood and watched, and then a car pulled up and about 5 more young men ran up…these young men where the all red. The tale tell sign of the Bloods.

Before I tell you anymore about “The Fight” let me tell you a bit about my perspective of gangs in West Dallas. I think that most of the kids in gangs are posers. Certainly there are kids that actually belong to the Crips and the Bloods…but for the most part the young men and women of West Dallas are wannabes or as the police call them…gonnabes. They act tough and wear the colors, and play the part…but they aren’t packin, they aren’t dealin, they aren’t as thug like as you see in the movies. Their parents might be. Their uncles and aunts might be…but most of the kids aren’t that hard…yet.

So…the bloods arrived…either to help or hinder, I’m not sure because I started to back out and go right. Right takes me out of the housing project, and I decided I’d come back and see the kids another time.

I came back…an hour later…and all this activity…still going on. The crowd was larger, the amount of people fighting had grown….but it had moved into the street. There was a larger presence of Blue (Crips) and Red (Bloods) and a much larger presence of kids watching, which erks me (understatement of the year).

After meeting with the kids I needed to see (who it turned out were busy watching the fight), I drove through the crowd, careful not to hit the young men beating the tar out of each other and wondered why I didn’t have Sargent Smith’s number in my phone, he’s our neighborhood cop. But then I heard someone say, “The Law’s been called.” And I saw the Fire Department and the Cops come.

That’s what it took to break this thing up…The Fire Department and the Police.

The kids I met with said, “they fight like this all time, this isn’t anything new.” I asked them why they watch and they said, “we don’t have anything better to do.”

It made me think of my early release days. I would walk home with my friends and we would build forts in our backyards…clubhouse where we would sing and make up dances…obviously this was before we were throwing parties. Most kids don’t have to encounter the kind of chaos that kids in this community encounter on a daily basis.

I pray that these kids would be able to be kids. That they would learn the joy that comes from silliness and laughter. That God would shield their eyes, their hearts, their bodies, their minds from a world that is urging, begging them to grow up way to fast. And I’m excited about some of the new ways that Mercy Street is seeking to help keep these kids…kids. I’m looking forward to telling you about that in the next couple of weeks….so stay tuned.

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