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Posted by hrgarippa on 19 May, 2009

I’ve been texting a lot lately. With Bible Study over this is the best way to communicate with my girls. This is also linguistic school for me…my grandfather would be so proud.

Let me give you an example:

Me: Hey, How’s it going?

Girl: idk jus tied

Me: What’s tied mean?

Girl: lke when u wake up u tied

Me: Tired?

Girl: Oh yeah my bad that is how is spell it when I’m textin.

And yet another example:

Girl: can i go wit u guyz since i have nun n 2 do at da house.


So pretty soon I’ll be able to say things like…

AFZ – Acronym Free Zone

BBBG – Bye Bye Be Good

or my personal favorite….MTSBWY – May the Schwartz be with you.

I’ve just learned that in the world of text linguistics you don’t communicate with words you communicate with acronyms…if you’d like a good laugh check this page out. But beware there is some bad language on it.


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Hannah needs…

Posted by hrgarippa on 21 February, 2009

I saw this on facebook, you type “your name and needs” into google and then list the first 10 responses. Friends are tagging each other and its flying around almost as fast as the “25 random things” note. I read a friends list and thought it was funny so I thought I’m going to type my name in and see what happens. The list made me laugh because it was so accurate to some the things I really¬†think I need.

  1. Hannah needs a boyfriend
  2. Hannah needs some alone time.
  3. Hannah needs a home a good daily walk.
  4. Hannah needs to go into the tunnel and face the prisoner
  5. Hannah needs your help
  6. Hannah needs prayer.
  7. Hannah needs a laptop
  8. Hannah needs a good break.
  9. Hannah needs a kick in the pants
  10. Hannah needs to understand the real motive before she can catch the killer.

So it actually, “hannah needs help” came up twice in the first 10 but I skipped it the second time.

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My first tag…so exciting!!!

Posted by hrgarippa on 12 October, 2007

Jobs I’ve had: (My list is so long it is embarrassing)
1. Operator at Service Merchandise
2. Ice Cream aficionado at Baskin Robbins (I worked there for 3 months and gained like 10 pounds)
3. Sales assistant at Bath and Body Works
4. Lifeguard and swim instructor
5. Nanny
6. Server
7. Admissions Counselor at Midwestern University
8. Administrative assistant at American Express, West USA Realty, Blockbuster Corporate and Park Cities Presbyterian Church
9. And let’s see what is my current job; relationship facilitator, event planner, soccer coach, concession stand manager, child advocate, friend, teacher, ride-giver, and Ebonics interrupter.

Places I’ve lived:
Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Scarsdale, NY

Foods I love:
I pretty much love all food…but I’ll narrow it down a bit…
Anything Italian, but especially when my dad cooks
A ginormous steak cooked medium rare.
A cheeseburger and fries -(the good stuff from Chips, or The Old Monk…not McDonald’s)
A great big salad with really good salad dressing (I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect Balsamic Vinaigrette)

Places I’d Rather Be:
Phoenix, AZ with my sisters and their kids
The Northeast or the Northwest
Some place in Italy eating to my hearts content…
Anyplace with my husband…(This is the dreaming section of the tag, right?)

Movies I love:
Return to Me
Pride and Prejudice
Love Actually
Garden State
Roman Holiday

TV shows I love:
The Office
30 Rock
Brothers and Sisters

Books I love:
Pride and Prejudice
The Count of Monte Cristo
Mark of the Lion Series
The Sun also Rises
The Time Traveler’s Wife
100 Years of Solitude

People I’m tagging:

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Right Now

Posted by hrgarippa on 17 April, 2007

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with anything I usually talk about but when I was in high school this commercial was on the air and I was discussing it with a friend today and remembering how much I loved it. I felt truly inspired to drink soda.

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