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I feel like I should say something

Posted by hrgarippa on 3 November, 2009

I haven’t said anything in a long time, almost five months.  Melissa says things so much better than I, she got the funny bone that I did not receive. But since I’ve been linked to two blogs (this one and this one), I figured I better at least say “Hi.”

Life is good in my hood. Amazingly enough this good looking man is still loving me…


I’m still living in the 75212 with these little wonders knocking on my door almost everyday asking…”Miss Hannah, can we have sum chips?”


In less than three weeks my dear sister Mary will marry wonderful Josh, and I get to be the Maid of Honor…Yeah!!!


And just a little over a month ago, my big brother Johnny married Stephanie


 (this photo is by Stephanie Reese,

Our family looks like this…minus a nephew and a boyfriend, i think….


And I am still amazed each and every day by the grace of our Lord Jesus…He is faithful and I am not. He is good and I am not. I am so thankful that I can trust in Him, that He has given me this joy, this faith…these blessings.


4 Responses to “I feel like I should say something”

  1. Christy said

    WOW! You are beautiful. We love you! Can’t wait to see you and hug you.

  2. Melissa said

    It’s about time! I love it when you write and when you post pictures of your family. I think I could just join and no one would even notice for a couple of years.

  3. Becca said

    you are fantastic and i miss you 🙂
    ps – that first picture of you is just gorgeous! I want to come see you again – thanks so so much for all your help!

  4. Nicole said

    beautiful pics! we are so encouraged about the work that is going in Dallas through Mercy Street
    Grace to you

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