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Hannah needs…

Posted by hrgarippa on 21 February, 2009

I saw this on facebook, you type “your name and needs” into google and then list the first 10 responses. Friends are tagging each other and its flying around almost as fast as the “25 random things” note. I read a friends list and thought it was funny so I thought I’m going to type my name in and see what happens. The list made me laugh because it was so accurate to some the things I really think I need.

  1. Hannah needs a boyfriend
  2. Hannah needs some alone time.
  3. Hannah needs a home a good daily walk.
  4. Hannah needs to go into the tunnel and face the prisoner
  5. Hannah needs your help
  6. Hannah needs prayer.
  7. Hannah needs a laptop
  8. Hannah needs a good break.
  9. Hannah needs a kick in the pants
  10. Hannah needs to understand the real motive before she can catch the killer.

So it actually, “hannah needs help” came up twice in the first 10 but I skipped it the second time.


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Sounds from West Dallas

Posted by hrgarippa on 20 February, 2009

I wake up really early….like 5am early. The AM is when I get stuff done, it is when my mind is the sharpest and I’m able the think the clearest. I love the AM. I have a great comfy chair that I sit in as I read, drink my wonderful coffee and listen to the sounds of West Dallas.

They are building new public housing for the elderly and so early…as early as 5am you can hear all those yellow machines….I don’t know what they are called, but they beep and buzz and their sound is rather comforting.

Dogs bark. Every neighbor surrounding me has a dog and on most mornings the dogs like to talk. I don’t usually mind, except there is one dog that is rather annoying and she’s quite obnoxious with her comments…this dog may or may not be named Bella…and she may be the cutest dog ever to walk the streets of West Dallas.


At about 7:20 every morning you can hear a car come screeching through our neighborhood, engine roaring. This car is going as fast as a car go in a neighborhood with lots of turns…before it stops it starts honking, really laying on the horn…then it screeches to a halt, and keeps honking. 30 more seconds pass and more honking…not your polite beep beep…but hoooooooonnnnnkkkkkk hoooooooooooonnnnnnnkkkkkkk. This keeps up for about 5 minutes before whoever is being fetched comes out, and they screech off to work or school…and I praise God for the dogs barking again.

As I’m writing this there is silence in West Dallas, at least from what I can hear…oh wait I hear a bird…I love West Dallas.

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What I want to tell you…

Posted by hrgarippa on 18 February, 2009

I know I don’t blog much. It isn’t that I don’t have a lot to say, it’s that I’m not always sure how to say it. The things I want to tell you about aren’t always easy, they aren’t simple stories they are ongoing sagas and I wish I had the gift of humor to make them light-hearted but sometimes that doesn’t come to me…so I’m just silent.

I want to tell you about J. who is a sweet girl in my bible study. Sometimes she is loud and crazy, sometimes she quiet and angry…mood swings, she calls them. I want to tell you about how her mother abandon her and chose to please herself rather than care for her kids, and how even though she’s returned J. cannot forgive her or trust her or love her. And the pain she feels is tremendous. And how we cannot make heads or tails of honoring your mother when your mother has locked you out of your house and forced you to sleep on the streets. I want to tell you about J., and the desperation in her voice when almost every week she says, “miss hannah, I’m going to come live with you”…and I have nothing to offer her. And how this week she said, “i don’t think God loves me.” And how I can understand that.

I want to tell you about D. who at age 6 was raped by his brother. D. is full of anger and hate, wouldn’t you? None of us at Mercy Street know what to do with D. I know that everytime I see him I just want to hold him in my arms and never let him go. I just want to turn off the world and say D. everything will be okay. D.’s been removed from school in handcuffs, suspended more times than I can count, he is unable to control himself and is now in the juvenille school system. I want you to see this boys smile…it’s rare, sort of like an eclipse but it happens from time to time.

I want to tell you about A., Z., H., N., J., J., and J., six boys and one girl all belonging to one mother…several different dads. I want to tell you how their mom is struggling to raise these kids, because that is not how God intended family to look. I want to tell you how these boys and this girl need a dad, a man they can look up to and trust. They need a mom who is wise and who works hard. They need structure and food, and clean clothes and boundaries. I want to tell you how difficult it is for kids like this to know The Father when they have no idea what a father is.

I want to tell you that there are over 3000 kids like this in West Dallas, kids full of anger, hate, sadness, confusion, and doubt. Everytime we help one we are reminded that there are so many more just like this one who need us.

But we are not alone here. I love these kids. They are on my mind often, in some form or another…but compared to God’s thoughts they are nothing…

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! 
How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. 
When I awake, I am still with you.

I want to tell you how good our God is. How wonderful it is to serve a God that knows this place, that knows these kiddos and their family. How thankful I am that I can trust Him.

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Posted by hrgarippa on 10 February, 2009



My sister Rachel and her husband welcomed their third child and first girl, Zoe Hannah.

She was born on Friday, February 6 at 5:01 pm. She weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces.

Here is a picture of her proud big brothers, Jonah (the oldest, and the cutie holding Zoe) and Maddox,


I am super excited to be an Aunt to eight…yes count them eight precious kiddos….Rachel, Caleb, Jonah, Malia, Maddox, Joshua, Benjamin and Zoe. And let me tell you that eight is definitely not enough.

Here are some more pictures,

Zoe, pretty in pink…


“Yippee, I’m finally here!!!”


More pinkness, more cuteness,



AND…there might be one or two of you who are curious about what has been going on over here on the Westside. I promise to write about it, but need to get thru this week. In the meantime you can check out some of the stories here.

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aaaa lot

Posted by hrgarippa on 3 February, 2009

There is a story that my family tells, it has to do with my Uncle Chazz, and a large amount of something…the situation happened so long ago that I don’t remember what happened exactly I only remember the punch line in which he answered “aaaalot.” So now when you ask anyone in my super large family a question in which the answer is a lot, the answer is always “aaaa lot.”

So you might ask, “What’s going on at Mercy Street right now?”

Well, the answer…”aaaa lot”

Things that are beautiful, and I can’t wait to share some of these wonderful stories.

Please be in prayer for all of us…we need it.

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