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A Day of Firsts

Posted by hrgarippa on 2 September, 2008

Yesterday was Labor Day and September 1; a day to sleep in, and I was excited. However my doorbell rang at about 7:30, a five year toe headed black boy stood, smiling from ear to ear. He was excited to tell me about his new find, a dog. I quickly wiped that smile off his face as I barked at him about my need for sleep and the time and it being my day off and didn’t he know that it was rude to come over this early. “Go find something to do Jakeem!” I snapped, and I shut the door. I climbed back in bed but thankfully I was unable to sleep as I laid there thinking about his sweet face, his precious brothers standing behind him and his desperate situation.

“Go find something to do, Jakeem,” might just be the exact words he hears from his mother every day, which might be why as a five year old he wanders around West Dallas. It may be why he and his brothers come knocking at my house, the Hill’s, and the Smith’s on a regular basis. So I lay there thinking about these boys that aren’t parented, that aren’t really protected and how I could be so heartless. So I decided to take them to the movies, the cure all for all heartless acts.

Angel (12), Hakeem (9), Najee (7), and Jakeem (5) and I all loaded up into my car and headed to the mall to see WALLe. As I’m driving I hear, “Miss Hannah, is the movie gonna be on a big screen?” Yes. They’d never seen a movie in a movie theater. We arrived at Northpark Mall, a place where I often feel out of place and the first thing Najee says, eyes big as saucers, “What’s that, Miss Hannah?” “That! Najee is a moving staircase also known as an escalator” “Are we gonna go on that?” “You bet!” “I’m scared.” Five minutes later they were all pros and riding up and down with glee.

As we had lunch, a family took notice of these dear ones and the mother came up to me and said,
“I don’t know your situation but we’ve watched these kids and they are so dear, my daughter has this gift card and she would like for you to have it, maybe you can use it to take them for ice cream.”

Completely shocked I thanked her, turned the card over and saw that it was a Northpark gift card for $100.00….that’s a lot of ice cream.

I told the boys and complimented them on their behavior, then asked them what they would like to buy…Clothes they all said.

Just a side note, these kids desperately need clothes, they walk around in impossibly threadbare clothing, this was such an amazing gift from God.

So next on our day of firsts, shopping at Northpark,

Jakeem loved hats.

and they all loved accessories, I had to drag them away from the shoe store.

We finally made it to the movie. WALLe, so cute. When they walked in the theater they could not believe the screen was so big. They were all tuckered out from their big day and Najee and Hakeem fell asleep. It was an incredible day, not just for them but for me too.

Najee really is happy, he’s just sleepy.


8 Responses to “A Day of Firsts”

  1. Jen said

    Wow. What a great story! And what a blessing you are to these kids.

  2. Jana said

    love you, girl. what an amazing story. bless YOU and bless that sweet family at northpark. what a precious gift.

  3. Melissa said

    I LOVE YOU HANNAH!!! I love when the Lord blesses the heck out of you and these kids!

    And, uh, that dog? He was on my doorstep all day.
    I almost kept him. Trey said no.

  4. ~Laura~ said

    Found you blog through Jana’s. Love this story. I wan’t Jakeem. He’s so sweet and cute. What a great friend you are to them.

  5. roxana said

    oh!! what a great story. thanks for sharing it. made me cry…we all need to be reminded not to snap so easily. these boys are so sweet.

  6. emily said

    Beautiful! Love the work you guys are doing there. Pouring into these kids- what a blessing.

  7. Jennifer Morgan said

    Found you through Jana’s blog. Thank you for being so good to the kids. You are their soft land spot. A beautiful story.

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