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More Joshua

Posted by hrgarippa on 28 September, 2008

The Ferguson’s had their family photo shoot yesterday and Jennifer did a wonderful job. Everyone should know a professional photographer.

Thanks, Jenn for keeping me connected with my family through your incredible talent.


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Dr. Hannah

Posted by hrgarippa on 24 September, 2008

No I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about the great and wonderful Dr. John Hannah, and I have less than two hours to complete my Quote Tuesday Quota. For those of you who have taken a class by Dr. Hannah he needs no introduction, for those of you who have not had the privilege let me give you a little bio, by me…Miss Hannah.

I was first introduced to this man when I was just a wee lass. My dad was in seminary and my parents had their third precious child, me. When my dad told Dr. Hannah that they’d named their baby Hannah he asked if he would bring me in to the class. My dad did and I met Dr. Hannah 30 years ago. He told my dad that giving a child such a great name deserved an A. Smart man.

Dr. Hannah wrote me, not my parents a congratulations on being born letter. I remember as a child reading that letter and thinking how great it was that I had a letter from someone who was so admired by my parents.

It wasn’t until years later that I had the awesome privilege of getting to know Dr. Hannah, not as a student but vicariously through my brother who is a student and has also been his aide, (I think that is what they call them at the seminary). After almost every class Johnny, my brother, comes home with a great story. Last weeks really struck a cord with me and I’d like to share it with you today. This is quoted through my brother so I won’t put any quotations around it.

Knowledge of Scripture and Knowledge of God are not coterminous. Some people know Scripture incredibly well and know nothing of God. And you will meet some people who know very little of Scripture and know God deeply. And then he (Dr. Hannah) says, You can’t plot it (like on a graph) – God does what He wants, how He wants. And does it to humble us and make it clear that it is not us doing it, but Him. – Dr. John Hannah thru Johnny Garippa

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Books Books and more Books

Posted by hrgarippa on 22 September, 2008

I love this picture. I imagine myself sitting in that chair with a book from one of those shelves and the image makes me happy.

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Jerry Jackson

Posted by hrgarippa on 21 September, 2008

I needed gas yesterday, so I stopped at the neighborhood gas station. I put the thingy in the thingy and got back in my car. I know you aren’t suppose to do this, but at this particular gas station if you just stand there, it is guaranteed that someone is going to come and ask you for money. Those that are homeless and cast aside flock to this particular area and I usually don’t have cash which is most often what they are looking for. So as I sat, this man approached my car and asked if he could ask me a question.

Here is our conversation:

Man: “I’m homeless, can you tell?”
Me: “Not really, you’re dressed quite nice.”
Man: “Thanks, but really I’m homeless and I’m hungry and I just want some Popeye’s, can you help me?”
Me: “Sure, but I have no cash, so if you can wait until I’m done getting gas I’ll meet you over there and get you some food.”
Man: “Okay”

Three minutes later

Me: “Hi! Sir, I didn’t get your name?”
Man: “Oh, I’m Jerry, Jerry Jackson”
Me: “Well, Jerry Jackson, what would you like?”
JJ: “What can I get?
Me: “Whatever you want (and the next thing I said was so stupid, by the way), But I’m not going to spend $20 on you, but whatever.” (okay why did I say that…dumb dumb dumb)
JJ: “I’d like a number 3 with mash potatoes”
Me: “Coming right up”

Three minutes later, Popeye’s is serious FAST food

Me: “Jerry Jackson, here is your food.”
JJ: “You remembered my name.”
Me: “Yes, it’s a great name.”
JJ: “Maam, I love you.”
Me: Thank you.
JJ: “No, Maam, some people say they love you and they don’t mean it, I really mean it, I love you.”
Me: “Jerry Jackson Thank you. I want you to know that I’m going to pray for you. Some people say they are going to pray for you and they don’t mean, but I mean it.”
JJ: “Thank you, Maam.”
Me: “Jerry, my name is Hannah”

I drove away, so touched by this man…this homeless man who was hungry and whose name is Jerry Jackson. I’m praying that I see him again, and I’m praying that you friends would pray for him too.

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Praying for Perseverance

Posted by hrgarippa on 18 September, 2008

It is easy to be discouraged in this ministry. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you’ve notice (sadly) that discouragement is a common emotion of mine. We do not have a business model that say, in 6 months, a year or even 3 we’ll see results. There are no guarantees that if we do everything we are suppose to do that we’ll see returns on our investment. We are dealing with humans that make their own choices and so no matter how much preparing, praying and prodding we do it is ultimately up to the person.

About 10 years ago I laid on my sisters bed crying, wondering if I was a Christian. I’d just started to realize that there were these things called Theology and Doctrine. Prior to that time in my life my relationship with the Lord had just been about him coming into my heart and saving me from my sins…oh the bliss of being an innocent child.

Anyway, as I learned about theology and doctrine I learned about Election, and I started to wonder, “what if I am not one of the elect? What if I’m following this crowd of peeps because it seems cool and I’m happier with them, but really all along God’s saying, ‘Sorry, young lady, you’re not one of the chosen.’”

So I lay on that bed, in my sister arms and I sobbed thinking there is no way I’m going to heaven and this is all just a farce.

I tell you that story, because my sister in her great wisdom reminded me of God’s love. She reminded me that God doesn’t want to see anyone perish but desires a relationship with all.

I don’t struggle *much* with the idea of election, mostly because I chose not to think too deeply about it. I trust God knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it. And I trust He knows what He’s doing here in West Dallas. There are a whole lot of stubborn hearts in this community. Hearts that seem too hard, habits unbreakable. There are masters in this community that are unforgiving, that take it all and leave nothing.

But this I know, He captured my stubborn, hard, unbreakable, million-master-serving heart and since it was captured by his grace, I’ve been compelled to follow after Him…“And of all the masters I have know, he is the only one who is making me free.”

He longs for hearts in West Dallas, this I know, He will have hearts in West Dallas.

We may not have a business model, but what we have is faith.

Please pray with me for perseverance…Thanks friend!

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Home Sweet Home

Posted by hrgarippa on 18 September, 2008

Praise the Lord, my nephew came home today. He’s doing great and everyone is excited to have him around. My three year old niece Malia woke up from her nap with big eyes asking, “Where’s Joshua?”

Thank you for praying, friends.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get some. My sisters computer isn’t working. Christy has a wonderful friend, Jennifer Weems who is a photographer, she went to the hospital to take pictures of the precious babe but he wasn’t in the mood, what with all the tubes and things, so she took pictures of all the other kiddos. They are so darn cute:

Malia Ruth, 3

Rachel, 7 and Caleb, 5

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Something New

Posted by hrgarippa on 16 September, 2008

There are a lot of wise people in this world, and usually they say things better than I do. So I’ll be dedicating Tuesdays to them…

“Everybody can be great because Everybody can serve…You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love. And you can be that servant.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Update on Joshua

Posted by hrgarippa on 13 September, 2008

My nephew Joshua has developed Pneumothorax, or tiny holes in his right lung. I believe this can be fairly common in newborns with wet lungs. Often when they are given oxygen the pressure can cause the little air sacs to leak. He has a chest tube which helps to remove the extra air build up so that there is no added pressure on his heart and other organs. He also has pneumonia.

Please pray that his lung would heal, that the antibiotics would work, and for my sister who is leaving the hospital today without her baby. He will be in the NICU for about two weeks.

Thanks everyone.

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Joshua Justen

Posted by hrgarippa on 12 September, 2008

Praise the Lord!!! Yesterday morning around 4:45 am in Phoenix, AZ a baby boy was born to Christy and Justen Ferguson. My dear sister, Christy gave birth after only about 5 hours of labor, (lucky girl!) Sweet Joshua is their fourth child, and Rachel, Caleb and Malia’s brother.

Joshua weighs in at 6 lbs, 12 oz and is 21 in. long. When he was born he took a breath just a little to soon and got some fluid in his lungs so he has been in the NICU for the last 24 hours. He is on oxygen, and is being fed intravenously. He cannot be touched or removed from NICU until his lungs are fluid free.

Please pray for baby Joshua, for my sister and her husband as they eagerly anticipate holding their sweet new baby.

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Daily prayer

Posted by hrgarippa on 8 September, 2008

“I recognize that all I am and have is the Almighty’s. He could in one instant change the whole course of my life – with accident, tragedy, or any event unforeseen. Job is a lesson in acceptance, not blind resignation, but believing acceptance that what God does is well done. So, Father, with happy committal I give you my life again this morning, not for anything special, simply to let you know that I regard it as yours. Do with it as it pleases you, only give me great grace to do for the glory of Jesus Christ whatever comes to me, ‘in sickness and in health.'”

This is a prayer from the journals of Jim Elliott, and I pray that I would learn to regard my life as His, giving it to the Father daily.

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