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The Last Month in Pictures…

Posted by hrgarippa on 21 August, 2008

At the end of July I went to the Jersey Shore and NYC for a week with my family.

My cousin very graciously allowed us to stay at her beach house and we had the most marvelous time.
Melissa, I started almost every morning like this… aren’t you proud…
The beach was unbelievable and my nephews just loved it.
(this is Jonah)
We spent a couple of days in NYC, one was quite eventful and will explain my broken finger. As you may have read in an earlier post I’m epileptic and my little brain decided to have one of its Primary Generalized Something Something Something Discharge also known as a seizure right smack dab in the middle of Bloomingdale’s. So, here we are on the way to the City expecting a day of fun…
And then there’s me somewhere in that big building (NY Presbyterian Hospital) getting a head CT and an X ray on my broken finger, (that I fell on when I started convulsing)
But since Ain’t Nothing Gonna Slow Me Down I was back in the City the next day and we had a grand time.
Later in the week my entire, enormous family got together for my cousin Debbie’s wedding. Here are a couple pictures. The first is Debbie with all (minus one…Aunt Ruthie) the living Aunts and Uncles. The second Picture is just the Uncles.
From Left to Right: Lydia Mastroberti, Robert Garippa (my Dad), Matthew Garippa, David Garippa, Dorothy Garippa, Debbie Giordano, Dolores Wood, (seated) Mathilda Mastroberti, Esther Catalano, Rachel Garippa.
My dad has ten sisters and two brothers. He is the baby. I think there is a 22 year difference between him and the oldest.
So after returning from those festivities we all (Mercy Street Employees) geared up for camp. This time round we headed to Pine Cove Outback and boy was it exciting.

This is Twist n Shout…he is such a humble servant…soon I’ll do an entire post on all the amazing counselors at Pine Cove Outback. They loved our kids patiently and so unselfishly. I was humbled over and over by people named TMBA, Manwich, Soapy’s Friend, For-E-Ver, and many more.

This is my cabin, all decked out for Karaoke.

This pictures not only showcases Theotist, who needs your prayers but it gives you all a glimpse of what became affectionately known as my stinky stump.

And finally the picture to keep all the kids in line…Don’t mess with Miss Hannah!

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