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Posted by hrgarippa on 24 June, 2008

Life is busy over here in the land of West Dallas. We (meaning 9 adults and 80 kids) leave for camp in about a week. We’ll go to Kids Across America (KAA) in Golden, MO. The kids and 5 out of 9 adults are excited.

This will be the fourth summer I’ve been to KAA, and every time I go it is a different experience. One of my favorite things about being away for a week is that there are very few distractions. There are no computers, no TVs, no cell phones. And since I am the kind of person who is so easily distracted this comes as a huge relief to me.

I need a fresh perspective and I need some time to just chill with the Father. I need to see all the beauty and chaos of my life and run to Him…and not my best friend.

Also I’ve been training hardcore to do the treetops at KAA3. They are the hardest of all the treetops and you have to do a pull up before you can attempt this feat. Last year I couldn’t do it. Didn’t even come close. This year I’m hopeful. Melissa’s been whopping me into shape. She’s a drill Sargent, but I’m thankful for her yelling at me every morning. And now treetops here I come.


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My bad day

Posted by hrgarippa on 3 June, 2008

Last week I had a bad day. Two boys that I see a lot asked if I would take them home and I said yeah.

Last night as I visited with one their mothers she asked, “Are you okay?” E. said you had a bad day last week. “He did! how did he know that?” I asked. “He said that when he asked for a ride home you just said, ‘yeah’ and you always say ‘yeah babe’ he came home very concerned about you.”

I was blown away. I had no idea that the kids payed any attention to anything I said. It was one of the sweetest moments I’ve had in this community.

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