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12 middle school girls and disgusting lake water = beauty

Posted by hrgarippa on 16 May, 2008

Last Friday night I had 12 middle school girls spend the night at my house. It was rip roarin crazy nonstop fun. Every spot on the floor was slept on, every part of my house investigated, every snack I had eatin. 12 middle school girls that couldn’t fall asleep because one of them was always playing a prank on the rest. 12 middle school girls that made sweet get well cards for Nikki, and so compassionately wanted to know if she was okay. 12 middle school girls that used every towel in my house and caused 24 hours of laundry the following day. 12. 12 middle school girls that I love and feel an overwhelming sense of joy that they were sleeping in my house, and that they are in my life.

The next day with an IV of espresso pumping directly into my bloodstream, my sister, me and the 12 middle school girls loaded up in a van and drove down to Purtis Creek State Park for our last MS event of the school year. We met up with mentors, Garrett, Johnny and Carlton who also had vans full of kids. All in all there were probably about 40 kids from West Dallas lovin the great outdoors. The kids swore up and down that they would never get in the lake water, “disgusting” they said. But when we arrived you couldn’t stop them from spending all day splashing in the “disgusting” lake water. It was beautiful to see.

Here are some pictures…

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Like a Record baby!!!

Posted by hrgarippa on 6 May, 2008


Caleb on the keyboard.

Rachel on the drums.

Aunt Hannah on guitar and vocals.

This is what happens when you’ve been playing Rock Band for the last 96 hours, (give or take a few).

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Pray for Nikki

Posted by hrgarippa on 5 May, 2008

Nikki (the girl on the far right) is a sweet, kindhearted eighth grader. She has a wonderful laugh, and the most joyful spirit. She endears herself to you from the moment you meet her with her amazing spirit and love for life. Nikki is one of a kind. I have had the awesome opportunity to get to know Nikki throughout the last year. She is an regular at Wyld Life and at 116 Clique. She is loved by many.
Last week I received word through Nikki’s mentor that she has been diagnosed with leukemia. They caught it early and the doctors are very hopeful, but it is cancer nonetheless. Nikki will be in the hospital a lot over the next several months. Her treatment will be 2-3 weeks in the hospital and 1 week at home. She is allergic to the chemotherapy and so she is also on benedryl which causes her to spend the majority of the day lying in her hospital bed oblivious to the world.
Please pray for Nikki and this part of her journey. She needs strength, and health and love and so much more that only God can see. Please also pray for her mother Kia who spends much of her time at Children’s with Nikki.

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