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The baseball cap

Posted by hrgarippa on 30 March, 2008

There is a family that I love. In this family are four boys and one girl. Last year the oldest boy and the youngest boy played baseball, both are athletic and tremendously gifted. The oldest boy, M, was on his way to the All Star team. He is a quiet boy, who always showed up and performed well and was well liked by his peers and his coaches. The youngest boy, D, wasn’t always at his games and although he could hit the ball, catch and run like the wind, he is prone to temper tantrums and would often have to be literally picked up and removed from the field because of his raging temper. Mid season we learned that M. was sexually abusing D. M. was sent to a juvenile facility, for how long I don’t know. D.’s mother was instructed to get the family counseling and we’ve rallied around her and the kids. Several of the kids have mentors, which has helped. But, sadly I do not think the kids have gone through proper counseling and so I do not know if they are properly coping with what has happened.

Today, the boys and their sister were up at the baseball field. All of the boys are excited to play baseball this year, and the oldest boy at home now, A. was eagerly waiting for his mother to bring the applications. He had a baseball cap in his hand and when he flipped it over it had M.’s name written out. Seeing his name reminded me of our desperate need for our Saviour. We (the baseball coaches) have struggled the past couple of days as we’ve already dealt with D’s. attitude and I know I am not equipped for his emotional needs. But our dear Lord is, and with His help we can help all these young men and young women.

Friends, please pray with us as we start a new season of baseball. I recognize that to some of you, baseball may not seem like much. But you’d be amazed at the opportunity that exist to teach these kids through sports.

And please pray for this sweet family that I love and that God loves even more…


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I need a man!!!

Posted by hrgarippa on 25 March, 2008

When I started this blog several years ago I swore I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER talk about men. You all DO NOT want to hear about my **plight** as a single woman. However, I find myself at a place where the subject must be brought up.

Since moving into the neighborhood over two weeks ago here is who has come to my door:


ALL BOYS, all boys that I love and adore, but all boys none the less.

Last week I had about six of them over. We worked on homework and science projects. As I sat down with one of them, a third grader, he started making kissing noises at me. Then he started rubbing my arm. I looked him straight in the eyes and said, “That is inappropriate and you cannot touch me.”

And then I thought, I’d like to see him try that with Mrs. Hills. She’s got a man at home to protect her from these third grade boys.

I need a man!!!!

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10 years

Posted by hrgarippa on 14 March, 2008

Yesterday was my ten year anniversary, and it past and I didn’t even know it. Ten years for what you’re wondering? Here is the history.

March 8, 1998 it was a Sunday, I was going to church with some friends, I’d been going with them for about a month and was really enjoying this super large baptist church in Phoenix Arizona. That Sunday I wore a long black skirt, but I can’t remember what top I had on. Most of the morning I’d felt fine, but I was having trouble concentrating. I just thought it was because I was out late the night before. As we headed to the college ministry I chugged some coffee and ate some donuts. When we got there we broke into small groups, and as I pulled my chair into the circle that was the last thing I remember. I started having a Grand Mal seizure. My dear precious brother, Johnny was across the room and the leader of my group was a paramedic so I was in good hands. They called 911 and I believe that was the end of class. Later as I started remembering things, I recall being grateful that I had on that long skirt as I was tossing here and there it covered me well.

I was rushed to Phoenix Baptist Hospital, since I had no history of seizures they did a battery of tests; ct scan, blood work. My dear friend and mentor Pam was there and I remember her sitting with me in the ER room as the doctor would say, “I’m going to tell you three things and I’ll come back in a while and ask you what they are….Orange, Apple, President Clinton.” I could never remember President Clinton. My brain was a mess. After several hours they decided it was a fluke and sent me home. But before I even left the parking lot, I had another seizure in the back of my parents car. My dear mom is useless in a times of crisis like this so apparently she just sat there screaming, “Bob, she’s doing it again.” And my dad ran in and got help.

Back in the hospital they did more tests, this time an MRI, and an EEG and this is when they found two separate diagnosis.

The first; a colloidal cyst. The second, abnormal brainwaves…which equaled epilepsy.

The colloidal cyst was at the base of my brain. It was small, and I was told that most likely had been there my entire life. It’s location though was dangerous, if it moved even the slightest it would block the flow of spinal fluid and threaten my life. There suggestion was that it would need to come out.


But let’s back up a bit more on my life at the time. I was 20. Had no job. Was not in school. Had no insurance.

But still we said okay, trusting that all would be okay.

I spent a few more days at Phoenix Baptist and then was transferred to Barrow’s Neurological Center. The time we spent waiting was like a party. And I say we because my family was there and all amazing. My sister, Christy took the entire time off work and stayed with me almost 24/7. She painted my nails, brought me food, laid with me in bed. And it wasn’t just Christy, Rachel stayed with me the night after my surgery, and my friend Marty flew all the way from Boston and slept at the hospital. He was such a sweet guy…hmmm, I wonder what happened to him??? My parents were there, so supportive, my dad…constantly worrying in that great dad sort of way.

***Warning this part is not for the faint of heart***
Then on Friday, March 13, 1998 they wheeled me into the operating room, strapped me down on the table and the rest I’m relaying second hand. They locked my head into a device to hold it still. Shaved off about one inch of my hair from ear to ear and cut from ear to ear, pulling back the skin to reveal my beautiful skull. Then they drilled two holes, (your welcome to feel them if you’d like), I’m not entirely sure why they needed two holes, but I know one was for the instrument that sucked out the cyst. Then they pulled the skin back together and stapled me shut. When they stapled me back together they pulled one side tighter than the other so it took a couple weeks for it to straighten out.

I was in the hospital another five days. Went through the same battery of tests as before and then got a clean bill of health. Except that now I’m leaving with a nasty scar on my head, a seizure disorder, and ginormous hospital bill. So what else is there to do in Phoenix but celebrate at Fajitas. That’s right straight from the hospital to our favorite family restaurant, Fajitas.


It is hard for me to believe that it has been ten years. I hardly ever think about this event in my life. When I was 20, I hardly saw God at all. I knew Him, but was not intimate with Him. Now, though I can look back and see how awesome He was through all of this. How he carried me. I can see His protection, His humor, His love, and especially His faithfulness.

How thankful I am for this experience and these past 10 years.

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Manual Labor

Posted by hrgarippa on 11 March, 2008

I’ve now been living in 75212 for four days, (don’t worry I’ll stop counting soon) and I’ve had various kids stop by, most of them wondering what I’m doing here. It’s been fun inviting them in and hearing them take stock of this house.

I desperately need to mow my lawn and sweet Anthony looked around and said, “Miss Hannah, I’d do it, if I had a mawn lower.” One way to know for sure that a kid is too young for manual labor…when he says Mawn Lower.

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It all happened so fast

Posted by hrgarippa on 10 March, 2008

I’m here, and it all happened so fast. The last two weeks have been surreal to say the least.

I’m living in West Dallas. Boxes are still being unpacked. I’m sleeping on an air mattress, but I’m here. I’m guessing that the feeling I have right now might be similar to a missionary who has been working to raise money for months, years even and is finally given the go ahead to go where she feels called. You wait and wait and pray and pray and then finally it happens and there are those moments when it is hard to believe it is real.

I’m so thankful to all those who have prayed for this, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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