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Brutal honesty and Merry Christmas

Posted by hrgarippa on 21 December, 2007

On Thursday I watched Rissah in her first ever drama production at Quintanilla middle school. She did great, she had a small role in their Scrooge adaptation. Afterward she introduced me to her friends, teachers, and some parents she knew. She told me all about her school and her favorite things, then she looked at me and said:

“Did you eat lunch?”
 “Yeah, why?”
“Your breath smells like onions” the she added for good measure… “but you sure do look pretty.”
I’ll probably be checking out of the blog world for a while as I take a little break and hang with my family. I wish the three that read this blog a very Merry Christmas, and may your New Year be filled with the honesty of children….there is nothing better, I think!!!

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Three years ago

Posted by hrgarippa on 13 December, 2007

I remember coming to Mercy Street for the Park Cities Presbyterian Church Christmas staff lunch. It was the last major thing I helped plan as I prepared to leave PCPC and start working here at Mercy Street. I remember decorating the stage in the auditorium, standing up there staring with wonder at all that this building represents. I remember talking with Miss Annie about my upcoming change and she said, “We are excited you’ll be part of our team.” I remember sitting with my friends and realizing that our relationships were going to change as we would no longer see each other everyday.

And I remember my first day here at Mercy Street. I walked in to about 20 people getting ready for our weekly prayer meeting. I was so unsure of myself, so curious about all that we would be doing. Everyone was so kind to me and so encouraging.

I remember when Jacque was hired and then Chris came on board and Uncle Bill started working for us full time. Mercy Street has seen a lot of changes in the last three years. We’ve grown from three employees to 14. The Lord has blessed Mercy Street with people who truly love, are full of compassion and who are living to proclaim the gospel here in West Dallas.

From left to right: Carolina Mordasini, Bill Farrell, Carlton Oby, Tim Hershey,
Johnny Garippa, Jim Riley, Tracy Henry, Garrett Smith, Mindy Smith, Me,
Trey Hill and Annie Roberson. Not Pictured: Jacque Lacy and Bill Hill

Now three years later, the PCPC staff returns to Mercy Street for their Christmas lunch and my how things have changed, not just with Mercy Street but with PCPC as well. I am still unsure of myself, but I am more sure than ever that Lord is at work here in West Dallas.

I am so thankful for my Mercy Street Family.

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Team Success

Posted by hrgarippa on 7 December, 2007

Team Success is program at Edison Middle School that exists to encourage students to do their best and to pay attention in school. The Team Success motto is, “paying attention to the kids who are paying attention.” Every quarter they have a big, fun assembly and hype the kids up by giving away prizes and drawing several names of student and letting them get into a cash machine and grab to their hearts content.
This year they wanted to do something that was fun and more educational, so they decided on a turn around trip to Oklahoma City. 200 kids all with a GPA of 85% or higher took off to OKC at 5am yesterday morning. I went along as a chaperone and here are some highlights.

We arrived at the Cowboy Hall of Fame at about 10:30, the kids were able to take a self-guided tour and look at all things Cowboy and Indians. They mostly just broke the rules and took pictures where they weren’t suppose to and oohhed and awed at all the guns….fascinating!!!

Then we were off to have lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse in the downtown, Bricktown area. It was fun and I have to say that the restaurant handle the kids very well.

Then we went to the OKC Federal Building Memorial Site, this was my favorite part. We divided into several small groups and a Park Ranger gave us guided tour of the place. It is a beautiful memorial and marks that tragedy very well. It was funny to think that most of the kids on this trip were not even alive when it happened. I reminisced like any almost 30 year old, about how I remember the exact place I was when I heard, and I remember how I felt and what the months following were like.

Here is a picture of the Survivor Tree. This amazing tree lost most of its branches from falling debris, had a car thrown into it and then ignite and yet the following year it began to blossom. It is a beautiful picture of hope and resilience. If you are ever in OKC you should go to this memorial. You’ll be amazed.

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116 Clique

Posted by hrgarippa on 7 December, 2007

For I am not ashamed of the gospel,
for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes,
to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
Romans 1.16

Every Wednesday, Mindy and I led a bible study for girls in middle school who are interested in learning, as one student put it, “why God does what he does.” We’ve had some great conversations about what it really means to follow Christ, how following his commandments will probably make you unpopular, but will ultimately bring you joy. And what the bible really has to say about No sex before marriage. The girls come consistently and we feed them dinner. It is a lot of fun.

We decided when we started this that once a month we would plan something fun for the regular girls. This last week we went on a photo scavenger hunt and boy did we have fun. I can proudly say that my team won, although the greatest part of it all was seeing these kids laugh and be kids

Here are some pictures:

In a small space

Hanging on Monkey Bars
All Wearing Pajamas

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All the Men

Posted by hrgarippa on 3 December, 2007

There is an empty lot that I drive by most every day here in West Dallas and it is a place that all the men have made their own. It is the hang out spot, a place where they go to get away. Every time I drive I past I want to stop and take a group picture because these men, I want you to know and this is a place, I want you to see.

They have lawn chairs, an empty barrel that they use as their heating system, there’s an old car used as a sofa, and they even have a putting green.

So if your looking for the men in West Dallas, just look on Bayside you’ll find them chatting about the women, I’m sure, or practicing their swing.

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