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Posted by hrgarippa on 21 November, 2007

I am thankful this Thanksgiving…and here is what I’m thankful for…

God’s amazing grace given through Jesus my Saviour
God’s steadfast love
His ever present Spirit
The Hills
Mrs. Mindy and Mr. Garrett Smith
Miss Carolina
Miss Annie
Miss Jacque
Mr. Carlton
Uncle Bill
Coach Tim
Coach Riley
The Women from Grace Bible
Our Faithful Mentors
Hattie Beth
Butternut AKA Jaomari
Da’Tasha Yarbrough
Stevanie Yarbrough
LeeAnna Sandoval
West Dallas United Soccer
West Dallas Little League
Sharp Knives (for cooking)
Le Crueset
My Hertitage
Being Italian
The laughter of children
Miss Susan Huffman and Will and Robert
Adoption and the hope of cute babies from all over the world.
God’s Sovereignty
Good Books
Cold Weather
The Ocean
Wyld Life
Red Wine
Quiet Mornings
My health and the health of my family and friends
Art and Creative people
Juice Plus
Hot showers
Mercy Street
That presidential elections only happen every four years.


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Dreams meet reality

Posted by hrgarippa on 18 November, 2007

Last night I had a wonderful dream…

I was walking arm in arm with a wonderful man, I didn’t know who he was but he loved me. He was showing me his kitchen (yes the way to my heart) and it was beautiful. Then we went outside and he showed his lovely yard it was so peaceful…then it happened, he started to propose and at the same time I realized who he was…Patrick Dempsey…Patrick Dempsey was proposing to me…Holy Cow!!!
……..and then an eight year little girl positioned her self between us pulling on my shirt….”Miss Hannah, Miss Hannah I tee-teed on myself.”
The dream was over and I woke up…

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Fish Day

Posted by hrgarippa on 15 November, 2007

Every Tuesday and Thursday my friends Garrett and Mindy Smith have breakfast at their house for some of the kids here in West Dallas. This morning I was there (because the Smiths very graciously allowed me to spend the night and avoid the grueling 1 hour commute I’m currently dealing with) and was able to enjoy the yummy food and great conversation.

This morning was a Thanksgiving celebration, Mr. Garrett decorated the table, bought a little gift for each person who was present and Mrs. Mindy asked, Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? It went a little something like this…

Mindy: Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
Kids: Because we’re thankful.
Mindy: Okay, but do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico? In Africa?
Keamari: (really precious fourth grader) They are really thankful in Africa because they have fish.

After about five minutes of belly rolling laughter…

Mindy: So they celebrate fish day in Africa.

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I’m in love

Posted by hrgarippa on 6 November, 2007

I’m in love with this day, with this week and all that it holds. I love that it is super chilly outside and that my friend Hattie is a new Aunt. I love that soon many of my friends will meet their children. I love that our staff gets to dress up and eat yummy food together on Thursday night, and that as a result our ministry is getting funding. I love that on Saturday our mentors will run around an arcade like little kids and have a blast and as a result our ministry is getting funding.

I love that everywhere I look our Father is giving grace and mercy and more grace and mercy. I love that He helps me kick my pride and do the all the things I need to do. I love that He is perfect and all His ways are perfect. I love that He has given us the ability to love and that He shows us His love everyday. I love that He is always at work in this world, in this country, in this state, in this city, in this community, in the lives of these children, in my life. I love that His timing is always good and perfect.

I’m truly in love….

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Rested and Ready to play…

Posted by hrgarippa on 2 November, 2007

I had a wonderful trip to Phoenix. I spent six relaxing days with my sisters Christy and Rachel and my brother Daniel.

Christy has three kids, Rachel, Caleb and Malia;
Rachel has two boys,
and Maddox.
It is hard to express in words how precious these kiddos are. God has truely blessed our family with each new addition. Sweet Rachel turned seven years old, that is hard to believe. She is a wonderfully talented little girl, she loves to read, (especially God’s word), she loves to sing and dance, and I’m amazed watching her grow into a little woman who loves Jesus.
Here are a couple of quotes from the trip:
Malia sometimes had a hard time warming up to me…she is a mama’s girl and her favorite word is “don’t”. So after a day where Malia said don’t to me everytime I looked at her, sweet Caleb said:
“Aunt Hannah, Malia doesn’t love you…but I’ll be the one that loves you.” He is four, and this is us.
An exchange between my sister Rachel and her two year old:
Rachel – “Aunt NiNi is spending the night.”
Jonah – “Can she sleep with me”
Rachel – “I bet she would love that.”
Jonah – “Aunt NiNi loves me.”
I love being an aunt…it is such a joy.

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