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New Title

Posted by hrgarippa on 24 October, 2007

So I’ve decided to change my Title to Grace in Ministry.

Right now I have a precious little girl named Katie hanging out in my cubicle, and she is writing me little notes that say, Miss Hannah is 29 or I love Miss Hannah forever and forever, or Miss Katie is a raccoon (she learned about raccoons at school today). I am overwhelmed by the grace of this moment. This small moment with Miss Katie has reminded me of all the graces I receive in this “job”. Although most of the time I still do feel lost in what I’m doing, I see grace more often.

I pray that it is on His grace that I place my focus, that I direct my eyes.


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The Great God

Posted by hrgarippa on 24 October, 2007

O Fountain of all good,
Destroy in me every lofty thought,
Break pride to pieces and scatter it to the winds,
Annihilate each clinging shred of self-righteousness,
Implant in me true lowliness of spirit,
Abase me to self-loathing and self-abhorrence,
Open in me a fount of penitential tears
Break me, then bind me up;
Thus will my heart be a prepared dwelling for my God;
Then can the Father take up his abode in me,
Then can the blessed Jesus come with healing in his touch,
Then can the Holy Spirit descend in sanctifying grace;
O Holy Trinity, three Persons and one God,
inhabit me, a temple consecrated to thy glory.
When thou art present, evil cannot abide;
In thy fellowship is fullness of joy,
Beneath thy smile is peace of conscience,
By thy side no fears disturb,
no apprehension banish rest of mind,
With thee my heart shall bloom with fragrance,
Make me meet, through repentance,
for thine indwelling.
Nothing exceeds thy power,
Nothing is too great for thee to do,
Nothing too good for thee to give.
Infinite is thy might, boundless thy love,
limitless they grace, glorious they saving name.
Let angels sing for
sinners repenting
prodigals restored,
backsliders reclaimed,
Satan’s captives released,
blind eyes opened,
broken hearts bound up,
the despondent cheered,
the self-righteous stripped,
the formalist driven from a refuge of lies,
the ignorant enlightened,
and saints built up in their holy faith.

I ask great things of a great God.

From, “The Valley of Vision”, pages 8 and 9

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New Week, New Mercies

Posted by hrgarippa on 22 October, 2007

Thank you friends for praying for me. I wish I could say that I have this restored sense of hope and that I’m ready for this new week, but I still need your prayers, (I always need your prayers.)

I know the truth, that God is for me and He is for the fatherless and the widowed. He is for West Dallas. I know that ultimately light conquers darkness. I have all these truths stored up in my head, but lately they are not making the journey to my heart, to my body, to my soul.

As a friend once told me, “Keep doing the things you know you ought to do, even when you don’t feel like…that’s the only way you’ll ever feel like it.” So I continue to ask for more grace, more wisdom, more strength, and endurance. I continue to seek for the truth in the things I know are good. And I praise the Lord for the blessings of this life, like new mercies, my family, my sweet sweet patient friends, the kids that fill my life with laughter and love and drive me to my knees, the cooler weather of this Monday morning, the hope of eternal rest, and leaving for vacation on Friday.

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Am I suppose to be doing this?

Posted by hrgarippa on 16 October, 2007

I haven’t asked that question in a long time because I love West Dallas and I can’t imagine my life anywhere else. But there always seems to be an obstacle in the way of me really doing incarnational ministry. I’m so frustrated with my place at Mercy Street.

Do I belong there? I think so, but really?

I’m discouraged, dejected – ready to stop. So I need You Jesus to intercede on my behalf, I have not the words today.

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Posted by hrgarippa on 12 October, 2007

You all need to see how adorable my youngest nephew is… This is Maddox he is 10 months old.

I could seriously take a bite out of him.

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My first tag…so exciting!!!

Posted by hrgarippa on 12 October, 2007

Jobs I’ve had: (My list is so long it is embarrassing)
1. Operator at Service Merchandise
2. Ice Cream aficionado at Baskin Robbins (I worked there for 3 months and gained like 10 pounds)
3. Sales assistant at Bath and Body Works
4. Lifeguard and swim instructor
5. Nanny
6. Server
7. Admissions Counselor at Midwestern University
8. Administrative assistant at American Express, West USA Realty, Blockbuster Corporate and Park Cities Presbyterian Church
9. And let’s see what is my current job; relationship facilitator, event planner, soccer coach, concession stand manager, child advocate, friend, teacher, ride-giver, and Ebonics interrupter.

Places I’ve lived:
Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Scarsdale, NY

Foods I love:
I pretty much love all food…but I’ll narrow it down a bit…
Anything Italian, but especially when my dad cooks
A ginormous steak cooked medium rare.
A cheeseburger and fries -(the good stuff from Chips, or The Old Monk…not McDonald’s)
A great big salad with really good salad dressing (I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect Balsamic Vinaigrette)

Places I’d Rather Be:
Phoenix, AZ with my sisters and their kids
The Northeast or the Northwest
Some place in Italy eating to my hearts content…
Anyplace with my husband…(This is the dreaming section of the tag, right?)

Movies I love:
Return to Me
Pride and Prejudice
Love Actually
Garden State
Roman Holiday

TV shows I love:
The Office
30 Rock
Brothers and Sisters

Books I love:
Pride and Prejudice
The Count of Monte Cristo
Mark of the Lion Series
The Sun also Rises
The Time Traveler’s Wife
100 Years of Solitude

People I’m tagging:

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What are you???

Posted by hrgarippa on 11 October, 2007

Every now and then a sweet little black child will ask me, “Miss Hannah, what are you?”

Oh, the answers I could give… I’m clearly white, although in the summertime I might look hispanic. I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I’m a daughter, I’m an aunt, I’m a sister, I’m a friend, I’m a shopaholic, I’m a blogoholic…

But usually I just smile and say, “I’m Italian…what are you?”

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Learning how to fail

Posted by hrgarippa on 4 October, 2007

The last couple of nights I’ve laid awake at 3 am, it is always 3 am, and I usually can’t fall back asleep for quite a while. I toss and I turn…and I think and I try to pray. Last night I was thinking about an email that I received from the director of MS, Trey, it said:

“….My take-away, after an all-day meeting from 7:30 AM-4:00 PM, was how thankful I am for each of you. God affirmed again how blessed I am to have such wonderful people working alongside me at Mercy Street. One of the major points of discussion at the meeting was the difficulty that others have in attracting and keeping good people, with pearls of wisdom like “fire early and fire often” being offered. I know that God has assembled this team to accomplish His purposes in West Dallas—namely to see community transformation brought about by raising a new generation of leaders by engaging in Christ-honoring, mutually transforming relationships. I am grateful for all of you and look forward to seeing the great things God is going to do here.”

I was thinking what is the secret to this success, there are many factors, but one of the biggest is our leader and his allowing us the freedom to fail. I’m just learning how to fail, really. It isn’t that I haven’t failed in the past and failed often. But I’m just learning that it is okay to fail, and that maybe it is a good thing.

I like to be the best at everything that I do, which limits the things that I will attempt to do. I’ve always figured if I only do things I know I’m good it, I’ll always be relatively good…and most everyone will like me. But now I’m in a place where I’m doing a lot of things that I’m not very good at, but they are things I really want to do, and that I need to do (a. they are my job and b. they are fun). One of those things is learning how to be a soccer coach. I don’t know much about soccer, but I’m trying. I’m showing up and learning how to dribble as I teach the kids how to dribble.

As I type this I’m reminded of a scene from the show Friends, were Monica is afraid to try new things, she attends a tap dance class and the instructor says, “Your getting it all wrong.” and she replies, “Yeah, but at least I’m out here.” That may be my new motto, I don’t have to be the best at everything, but I’ve got to at least give it my best and if I fail, great, hopefully I’ll pick it up and try again.

I’m grateful to Trey for the way he has allowed me to learn, for the way he has taken me outside of my comfort zone and when I have failed he has always been there to support me. There were many times when he could have said “Fire early, and fire often” but he has faithfully encouraged me on this journey of ministry, especially when I have felt lost.

Being here in West Dallas I continually learn what it means to be involved in a mutually transforming relationship. My working has never been just about me helping this community, but I think it has been more about how the Lord can use this community to change me.

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Fall is NOT in the air…

Posted by hrgarippa on 3 October, 2007

Autumn is my favorite season, and I’m afraid I’m not very patient in waiting for its arrival. Two days ago I checked the 10 day forecast and it said we would get a cold front this weekend. I checked again today and whoopdy-doo it is dropping to 89 on Saturday. Why is Texas so weird? (oh the answers there are endless).

I’m longing for sweaters, coats and boots, scarfs and open windows. I’d even love some snow, which I know I won’t see here at least not on the ground. I want to see my ha-ha on the window.

I just love the way things change with each new season…but even as I write about my eager anticipation of change I’m reading a quote that I stare at everyday on my desk, it reads:

“It’s important to be sensitive to the season you are in and not to be overly
anxious about the seasons past and ahead.” – Kay Coles James

I haven’t quite figured out how to be sensitive to my current season…it has something to do with resting, with all the talk of my previous post…yet I’m still “insensitive.”

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I Lay My Sins on Jesus

Posted by hrgarippa on 3 October, 2007

I lay my sins on Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God;
He bears them all, and frees us from the accurused load:
I bring my guilt to Jesus, to wash my crimson stains
White in His blood most precious, till not a spot remains.

I lay my wants on Jesus; all fullness dwells in Him;
He heals all my diseases, He doth my soul redeem
I lay my grief on Jesus, my burdens and my cares;
He from them all releases, he all my sorrows shares.

I rest my soul on Jesus, this weary soul of mine;
His right hand me embraces, I on His breast recline.
I love the name of Jesus, Immanuel, Christ, the Lord.
Life fragrance on the breezes His name abroad is poured.

I long to be like Jesus, meek, loving, lowly, mild;
I long to be like Jesus, the Father’s holy child:
I long to be with Jesus amid the heav’nly throng,
To sing with saints His praises, to learn the angel’s song.

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