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Posted by hrgarippa on 12 October, 2005

Sometimes I wonder, how honest should we be with each other. I’m not talking about being honest with someone when they ask if they look good. But I’m talking about really sharing your emotions, talking about the real stuff that exists in your heart. I believe that for most of us we are zombies walking around answering “fine, I’m fine” to the dreaded questions, “How are you?”

And I think for many of us we are not “fine,” but we are sick, or hurting, or starved for a hug, or for attention. Or it is simply that we want AND NEED more time from the people who are suppose to care. Many of us find it difficult to be honest, we have a hard time answering with anything more than a “fine.” But who’s fault is that, the person who struggles with their emotions or has this culture created a place where time just doesn’t stop for the stuff in our hearts. Have we all filled our lives to brim with so many things that we truly don’t have time for more than “fine” and so we are relieved to get that answer.

I remember when I was kid my dad preached a sermon on being transparent, he talked about this very thing. I can’t remember exactly what he said, except that as brothers and sisters in Christ we have to be transparent with each, we have to cultivate an environment where someone will feel comfortable answering, “How are you?” with the truth.


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Posted by hrgarippa on 12 October, 2005

I’m never really content in any season, I’m always looking ahead, (this may be a problem in all of my life…but that is another story). Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring. This morning I heard the song Autumn in New York, and really Autumn is the only season I think maybe I could stay in forever. I love the way the air smells, I love it when the leaves change, and I especially love it in New York. But all that is besides the point, I’m sure I’d get sick of it eventually because the delicate leaves can’t hold on forever and so it eventually turns cold, real cold (unless you live in Dallas). And then we long for Spring…Always looking ahead.

And so, it is the same way with the seasons of my life. I’m single and I can’t wait to be married…childless can’t wait be child-ful or you know a mom. But is all life leading up to that one great change in status…I don’t think so. Life is a journey filled with so many things that are so enjoyable. When my mind is all consumed with MARRIAGE, CHILDREN, ETC., I start to focus on the end of the journey not the ride, and I want to enjoy the ride. I don’t want to be focused on the next season when it is still 90 degrees outside that just leaves me wanting and not enjoying that last days of tank tops and flip flops.

This season of my life is wonderful, it is filled with so many great things, friends and family, my kids in West Dallas. For now life is great without marriage and children, but maybe not complete because it is still a desire of my heart. But in His time, at just the right the season.

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Posted by hrgarippa on 11 October, 2005

I was thinking this morning that I am so thankful that God gave us two transitional seasons. How great is it that we aren’t stuck with just Summer and Winter all year long, but that we have time to prepare ourselves for the cold with Fall and a time to prepare for the heat with Spring.

I was thinking about how strange we humans are in that during Fall and Spring the tempurtures are usually the same but how very differently we dress. In the Fall we cannot wait to wear sweaters and bundle up, so even on days when we probably shouldn’t we wear those long sleeved shirts and maybe even a coat and scarf. And, during Spring we are so grateful that we aren’t freezing anymore that we shed those bulky clothes and head right for the tank tops and flip flops.

I love the Fall, the leaves changing (sometimes and in someplaces) the bite in the air, it is the promise of things to come…Thanksgiving, Christmas, The New Year, Valentines Day. And Spring the leaves come back and it is the promise of summer fun, vacations, more time with family.

Oh, it just makes me so happy!

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Posted by hrgarippa on 3 October, 2005

I was trying to find a picture of Rachel and Caleb to post but I couldn’t, but I found this one of Jonah who is my other nephew. I also have a niece Malia. Soon I will get a picture of all four and put it up…they are the cutest in the whole world.

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Talking about God

Posted by hrgarippa on 3 October, 2005

The other day my niece (Rachel) was preaching, she stood on the vacuum cleaner with the handle as her microphone and my nephew (Caleb) as her congregation and this is what she said:

“Caleb, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. You can be a checker out worker a dentist or a mommy or a daddy, you can be whatever you want…it’s up to God and a little bit up to you, but mostly it’s up to God.

Okay Caleb now it’s your turn to talk about God.”

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